Configuring SquadOV to only listen to game audio

By default, SquadOV will record all audio on your computer, whether those are private conversations happening in a Discord stream, or DMCA protected music. Separating your game audio from non-game audio is therefore pretty important when it comes to uploading VODs. The approach we have used here is essentially the same solution that streamers will use to solve this problem, but is written from the perspective of gamers who want to be able to upload their VODs to SquadOV without having non-game audio in their recordings.

Note that this is an issue that may ultimately be resolved by SquadOV itself, but at the time of writing a third party solution, such as this one, is required. This guide may also be useful for streamers and other content producers wanting to separate game and non-game audio.

Setting up a virtual audio device

The first step to separating audio is to set up a virtual audio device. This is far less scary than it sounds: simply install VB-CABLE. You may want to restart your computer after completing the installation.

Once this is installed, you should be able to see a new input device and a new output device. Navigate to your audio device overview. I do this by right clicking my sound icon in the bottom right corner and clicking "Sounds". Alternatively, you can open your Control Panel, navigate to Hardware & Sounds, and then to "Sounds".

Navigate to the "Playback" tab, and you should be able to see a new audio device called CABLE Input, VAC, or similar. Its type should be listed as "VB-Audio Virtual Cable". This is your new virtual audio input. You shouldn't have to do anything more with this device, but do make a note of the name of the device (highlighted in red below).

Next, go to the "Recording" tab and identify your new virtual output device. It too should be listed as a "VB-Audio Virtual Cable" with a name like CABLE Output, VAC, or similar. Here is what it looks like on my machine.

Select the device and click "Properties".

Navigate to the "Listen" tab, and select "Listen to this device". In the dropdown menu, select the device where you want to hear your audio. For most people this will be their headset. Click OK.

Configuring SquadOV

Next, we need to configure SquadOV to only listen to the virtual device we have selected. Open your SquadOV desktop client. In the top-right corner, click on the Settings icon and navigate to the "Recording" tab. In the "Output Devices" dropdown menu select the CABLE Input/VAC device that we identified in the "Playback" tab previously (highlighted in red below). If you also wish to prevent SquadOV from picking up your microphone audio, you can set the Input audio toggle to 0% (highlighted in green below).

Configuring in-game audio

I will assume that the user is configuring audio for World of Warcraft, but the same idea will be apply for other games as the configuration settings should be very similar.

In WoW, go to your Game Menu (default "Esc"), click "System", and navigate to the "Sound" tab. Here, set your Game Sound Output to CABLE Input (or VAC, depending on what it's called on your machine).

And that is it. WoW should remember this Sound setting, but it may be worth to double check that WoW is actually outputting to the virtual device (CABLE Input above). Otherwise, your VOD won't have any sound. You may wish to restart WoW and SquadOV (I had some issues with echoing sound that were resolved by restarting both clients).

So what did we actually do?

At this point you should be able to just carry on with your life and enjoy the separation of game and non-game audio. But if you want to know what we just did, here's the summary: we first installed a new virtual audio input device. We configured our headset to listen to the virtual device (recall the "Listen to this device" bit we did?), which allows us to also hear the in-game audio in our headset. Finally, we told SquadOV to record audio from the virtual audio input device, which means that anything that goes directly to our headset (which will be all non-game audio) doesn't get picked up by SquadOV.

If you have any questions, feel free to pop by my Discord for a chat. SquadOV also has a Discord channel that I highly recommend.